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piranha 3d youtube trailer :: yankee go here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Всё равно русский не знают

Здесь большая статья на английском (завтра попробую перевести, фильм реально кровавый) и трейлер фильма piranha3d. Правда качество отстойное. Посмотрим, повлияет как-то на мой траф через google или нет.


Exclusive: Making Piranha 3D

Director Alex Aja and actress Jessica Szohr promise a bloody good time.
piranha 3d movie

April 7, 2010 - What do James Cameron and Alexandre Aja have in common? Two things, actually. First, they've both directed Piranha films – Cameron helmed Piranha 2: The Spawning while Aja's most recent project is Piranha 3D – and second, they've both embraced the 3D format as a completely immersive experience for movie audiences. Both Cameron and Aja have made the bold and rare step of approaching their latest projects as 3D films from day one, rather than being driven by a studio directive.

Aja, who spoke exclusively with IGN about the making of Pirana 3D, told us definitively that Cameron's decision to make Avatar in 3D had a big influence on his exploration of the format. "I've always been a huge fan of James Cameron and a huge fan of sci-fi," he said in a phone interview. "So I couldn't help myself. I was so excited by the prospect of seeing such a big movie in 3D. And also I was aware of all the new advancements of the technology and how we can really get a better 3D than what we used to have for years. And thinking about that, I couldn't help myself to also think about the fact that I'd love to see a real horror movie in 3D, because a horror movie is always about immersion. I was thinking about it and it became for me an obvious fact that Piranha in 3D would be very, very, very exciting."
With 3D in mind from the start, the film won't have to go through the painstaking and sometimes awkward process of conversion that has plagued recent releases. It's something that affects the entire filmmaking process, from the choice of equipment to the framing of shots. It's also the point where Aja's approach deviates slightly from Cameron's.

"The 3D aspect of the movie is not just a marketing element," Aja explained. "It's really the essence of the movie. So the way I was shooting was leading things by that premise. I mean, we had to shoot in a certain way, use certain lenses, be sure that we were never getting the edge of the frame so that we have elements coming out of the screen and have the maximum 3D. I wanted to come back to that great experience I had when I was a kid watching Captain EO or Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. They were theme park movies, but they were made in a way where the 3D was really coming out of the screen. And it was really an experience. And I understand and I respect what James Cameron did with Avatar by keeping everything low in depth and nothing really coming out of the screen, that kind of window open to that amazing world that he created. But Piranha is different. We are completely going for the payoff of what's coming out of the screen. And it's going to be only about that. And, of course, the way I shot the scene, we were always going to that direction."

In terms of other film influences, Aja also mentions the granddaddy of "something in the water" movies, Jaws. Interestingly, the success of that film had a lot to do with the making of the first Piranha in 1978, directed by Joe Dante. Aja hesitates to call the film a remake, or even a sequel. It takes the element of a lake resort plagued with carnivorous fish and updates it to a spring break setting in Lake Victoria, Arizona (the film was made on location at Lake Havasu). When an earthquake sets free a school of deadly, prehistoric piranha from underneath the lake, the consequences are predictably chaotic.

"It's a very different starting point, but the movie is somehow even closer to Joe's and the ideas from the first Piranha," Aja said. "I think it's fun because of the spring break element, but it gets very real and very scary at one point. Every time I'm making a movie I think about the movie I would like to see and what I would love to see as an audience member. And this is exactly that kind of guilty-pleasure movie, where at the same time I have a lot of fun moments, but I also have a really strong connection with a character that brings me to that horrific ride, that giant attack by a really angry school of fish."

We also had a chance to talk to actress Jessica Szohr (best known for her role as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl) about working on the film. She plays the character of Kelly, a local girl who hops aboard a boat to be with her crush, Jake, played by Steven McQueen. It turns out, a boat is not the safest place to be during a piranha attack.

"Basically, she's seen it all," Szhor said of her character. "It's this big party town that everyone comes to from all over and is going to get wasted and show their boobs. She's kind of not phased by it. ... She gets on this boat and she lets loose and some things hit the fan. And I think that's all I can say. But she's a good girl."

A good girl who does tequila shots and gets sick over the side of the boat, Szohr also told us. And don't think all of the splatter coming off of the screen is going to be blood. There will be plenty of that, though. Both Szohr and Aja confirmed reports that Piranha 3D will be a very bloody affair.

"I think it's always fun to see a good scary movie," Szohr said. "It keeps you on your toes and it's fun to go with your friends, your girlfriends or even a boyfriend where you can jump on his lap. But gore and blood, it totally freaks me out. Apparently this movie has just a ton of it in it. So we'll see how I'll handle it."

How much is "a ton?" Aja didn't have the exact number at hand, but revealed that "we're talking about thousands and thousands of gallons of blood. I mean, it's a lot. You have a spring break of like 20,000 college kids and they are all getting attacked. So it's a lot of blood."

And even more blood will be added in digitally during the post-production process, along with all of the piranha. No need to use actual man-eating fish these days. On the set, the actors had nothing but a few crew members splashing around with green gloves to interact with. But that was only the beginning of the production challenges the cast and crew had to face. They endured long nights and hot days, not to mention the logistics of filming on the water. It was a challenge, but one that Aja geared everyone else up for.

"I don't know why but I'm always attracted by very difficult and challenging subjects," the director said. "I thought I'd done pretty extreme things, but Piranha is beyond everything that I have experienced before. We were shooting on the water during the summer in the Arizona desert with over 120 degree heat. Kids, extras, blood, a lot of CGI, the 3D and everything, I think you cannot name one we didn't have on this one. And besides all that, we managed to get everything I wanted to have and respect the vision I have in the movie and we overcame all the challenges. And it was just an amazing experience."
piranha 3d trailer
But not all of the challenges for Aja were physical. When it comes to a Piranha movie, directors like Joe Dante and James Cameron can be tough acts to follow. Aja is grateful to be in their company, but it only makes him want to push harder to make the most extreme, most entertaining film possible. So how does this one compare to its predecessors?

"It's definitely more up to date," Szohr said. "Spring break, kids going crazy and the 3D adds a new element. Alex is pretty crazy. Ours might be a little bit creepier, to be honest."

Piranha 3D also stars Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Kelly Brook, Adam Scott and Paul Scheer, with special appearances by Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, director Eli Roth (as the host of a wet T-shirt contest) and more. It opens August 27th.
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