Сабой (не путать с собой) (saboy) wrote,
Сабой (не путать с собой)

Обратился в буржуйскую поддержку

Собственно, адрес для отправки сообщений в абузу один и тот же, что в русскую, что в буржуйскую.

Написал на английском. За основу взял текст от lukibano, размещённый в комментах у Вальса здесь. Вот что написал.

Dear sir or madam,

recently, Russian part of livejournal was affected by suspension/deletion of several journals without proper explanation or any feedback from Russian administration team. Several of my LJ friends were subject to this actions: larisk1n, madonna4ka, intelligent1988.

I contacted some of them via e-mail and they told me that they received a letter/comment form a user named planetator, who told them that theyr journal was garbage, that is why it will be closed. He said that he represents the LJ administration team from US.
Now it menace me and my friend, lj-user grafchitaru, one of the most popular bloger in russian blogosphere.

This all sounds too weird to be true, but this are the facts. Help Us!

Best regards,

Additional Comments:
Here is commens of planetator


Нет уверенности, что всё правильно, но надеюсь дойдёт куда надо, там разберутся.
Tags: жж-шное, произвол
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